WVO/SVO Tank for Volkswagen Vanagon???

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WVO/SVO Tank for Volkswagen Vanagon???

Postby voner » Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:29 am


I have been designing and redesigning a system for my old 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon that has a 1.6 Ltd engine from a mid-80s Jetta.

It is the tank location that has me perplexed...

q1 -- is it safe to put the tank inside the vehicle? some SVO/Wvo users have warned me to make sure it is vented to the outside.

q2 - Will I have problems with vegetable oil being spilled inside the vehicle if I have the SVO tank inside the vehicle?

q3 - if not inside the vehicle, then where? It seems that things start getting difficult then -- a tank has to be fabricated to fit up underneath the vehicle and then the routing of the SVO lines becomes much more difficult. I really honestly have some physical limitations which would make this problematic.

I thought about putting the tank underneath is the back seat next to the engine compartment, and I also thought about putting the tank right behind that back seat on the back deck. Both of these locations seemed to invite difficulties in transferring the oil into the tank.....

I'd welcome any kind of sage advice.

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