'98 Mercedes E300 Turbodiesel

A description and pics of your SVO WVO Vegetable Oil conversion, help the next person who gets that model.

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'98 Mercedes E300 Turbodiesel

Postby Muleears » Fri Mar 07, 2008 6:05 am

Mine has the standard greasecar kit with two exceptions. Ethan, from Greasecar suggested using a three valve setup that pushes the oil through the filters instead of pulling. About 8K miles so far and no GC related problems.

The other change is the addition of a Vegtherm. Like many people I don't think the GC kit produces enough heat. I have added a VT standard between the GC filter and the IP. On a 30*F day I still only get 125*F after the VT. On a 70*F day it gets up near 160*.

15 gal. tank was mounted lengthwise along the left side of the trunk. We cut the carpet along the spare hatch seam and this made access to the spare unimpeded. GC filter was mounted in front left corner on fender and wheelwell. Two valves immediatly to the front of false firewall on drivers side, third mounted on frame behind drivers headlight. Co-Pilot mounted on front of storage bin below radio with two small velcro dots. I can pull the CP off in a second to access the bin. If I want to completly remove it I can take the glue off the front of the bin with some goo gone. The wire runs behind the panel on the left side of the center console, near the drivers right leg. The brain is mounted under the dash to the right of the steering column.
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