babington 4 sale Craigslist

Space Heating with SVO WVO Vegetable Oil Biofuel.

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babington 4 sale Craigslist

Postby coachgeo » Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:54 pm

babington heaters available ??

In case anyone missed it, Homestead Inc. is offering a complete babington burner
and furnace on Craig's List

and also the Operation Manual for free at

along with some more pictures. This is a NEW unit and comes complete with a 1
year Manufacturer's Warranty. Installation available in Massachusetts.

This Yellow Heat waste oil furnace can burn 100% unfiltered and unheated waste
vegetable oil, easily, cleanly and safely. It also can burn wastemotor oil, or
any other type of waste oil.

The entire unit is only $4000 f.o.b.

The burner is avaiable separately for $2000 if you already have a furnace.

Tom Leue
413 628-4533

Craigslist MA

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