Thermo-syphon Schematic for Central Heating Systems

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Thermo-syphon Schematic for Central Heating Systems

Postby Espana » Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:29 am

Shown below is a link detailing a layout for a central heating system, using conventional steel or cast iron radiators based on the thermo-syphon principle. It is idealy suitable for the vapour pot burners, and as such requires no pump, therefore no electricity is required whatsoever to run this system.
Although shown on the schematic as a 2 story installation, it can also be adapted for single story.
The basic rule for an installation of this kind is that there is sufficient kinetic (motional) energy in hot water to move the heated water through horizontal pipes by means of a simple loop system. For every one foot of vertical height, you can expect to hot water to travel 2.5 feet horizontaly, even more with a well designed and installed system.
Installation advice & comments on any system that you may be contemplating using this system would be welcome and answered promptly.
Link address for schematic is :-
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