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Postby SoulFire » Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:39 pm

So I have a 1979 Crown Supercoach School Bus that I'm converting with all on-board filtration. I will filter between two 55 gallon drums with a Spinner II centrifuge and then pump it into the final tank. I'm building my own tank from stainless steel. It will be 56"x15"x20", about 72 gallons. I'm planning to run steel tubing around inside, down the length of it and then coil it around the fuel pickup. I'm not exactly sure. The fill spout will be easy. The best way to run the tubing inside the tank to heat the veggie efficiently and the best style of fuel pickup are what I'm in search of. Any help?

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Postby SunWizard » Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:36 pm

You don't want or need much heat in the tank if you design the rest of your rig right (with a FPHE), see pics in my conversion thread here which has been good to -10F with thick PHO:

For running the CF its much better in 1 tank instead of between 2, see the CF thread here for reasons:
"Many have asked me why don't you use 2 barrels so you are sure that all the VO goes through the CF each pass. I tried it, and so have many others, it doesn't reduce the number of passes, and it makes it much harder to run since you need to be there each time before the barrel runs out to prevent pump damage and capture the output of water and goo from the CF. And you need to clean the rotor much more, each time it runs out. Its not worth it. Thats too much babysitting for me, I like to start it up and come back 4 hours later when its done. "
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