My 95 Dodge 2500 process...

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My 95 Dodge 2500 process...

Postby vwoodruff » Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:42 am

Hey folks...

I used this forum for tips on converting my '95 Dodge Ram 2500. We've had some cold winter here in Montana mixed with some crazy unseasonal temps, which has given me the opportunity to tweak some issues in my system.

I essentially used sunwizard's schematic from here:

There were a few modifications...

- I've been really happy with the Greasecar 3-way solenoid valves (I've done 8 conversions of MBs with the Greasecar standard system), so I opted to go with the electric valves and two switches in the cab - a 3-way rocker switch for the supply/return valves and a 2-way switch for the filter valve.

- I used Dana Linscott's design for a heat fuel pickup and a 25 gallon poly marine tank

- I mounted the FPHE and filter valves on the top of the engine block so I could minimize the length of fuel line run and tee after the FPHE in a way in which there is no unheated WVO in the system ever.

- I opted for a 30-plate FPHE that I got a great deal on from a solar supplier in Texas. When temps got cold, I realized this was taking too much of my heat from the coolant and making the filter and tank too cold. To resolve this, I plumbed the FPHE in parallel to the WVO filter and tank with an almost-closed ball valve that balances flow between these two loops.

With respects to SunWizard, I modified his diagram to reflect how my system looks in comparison to his.


I have been having some issues recently... after looking through other threads, I suspect that the screen at my lift pump is partially clogged. I'm going to track that down and will update to confirm.
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