1997 F-350 Powerstroke with Plant Drive kit

A description and pics of your SVO WVO Vegetable Oil conversion, help the next person who gets that model.

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1997 F-350 Powerstroke with Plant Drive kit

Postby hheynow » Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:01 pm

Soon will be two years on vegoil and what an experience it has been.
Converted my '97 Ford Powerstroke in May 2006 with Plant Drive's kit. Since my truck came stock with two tanks I designated my front tank to vegoil. Fortunately it's plastic. The tank was dropped and a Hot Fox was installed. It's a coolant heated, stainless steel fuel pickup tube. Next, my vegoil filter a Vormax was mounted outside the frame rail on driver's side. Then next to that going forward on the frame is my FPHE. My Vegtherm Mega, vegoil temp gauge sender and post filter are installed under the hood. I tee'd each heater core hose for my coolant loop. It goes from the tee to the Hot Fox to the Vormax to the FPHE to the Arctic Fox to my rear fuel filter (I used Dana's heated coiled fuel filter warmer plans) then back through the other tee. I also installed a 70 watt 12v pad heater on my vegoil filter on my Vormax since the filter is under my truck and sees ambient temps. It's great. IMO it aids water separation and prevents fuel restriction at WOT. I plumbed my FPHE after my Pollak valve for two reasons. 1) Less heat on the valve which is rated at only 160*F and 2) I run my rear tank of B99 warm so I can prevent a vegoil clog buildup in my VegthermMega since once I purge cold fuel once gel/clogged my tube. I also eliminated the stock fuel filter so each tank has its own water separator heated filter. My system gets plenty hot with my 203*F t-stat. Normal readings once fully warm are 200*F coolant & 180*F vegoil.
FOR SALE: 1997 Ford F-350 7.3L PSD - Plant Drive kit
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