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New? Read this post

Postby SunWizard » Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:34 am

If you are new here, welcome!

This forum is for discussing Vegetable oil (WVO - waste VO, SVO - Straight VO, UCO - used cooking oil) as fuel and for heating. WVO is usually collected used from restaurants. WVO is not biodiesel but can be made into biodiesel by processing with hazardous chemicals which we don't get into here. I think its easier to convert your vehicle once to use WVO as you get it, instead of converting your WVO to biodiesel every time.

It only works in Diesel engines, not in your gasoline powered car! Your power and mileage will be about the same as on diesel, the only difference you notice is the exhaust may smell much better. Diesel engines typically get far better mileage and pulling power than the same vehicle with the gas engine option. That's why almost all large semi trucks and other big equipment use it.

You could just dump some WVO in your tank, and it would run, but for how long before you have problems? That's why there are forums to discuss the many ways to do it without shortening the normally very long life (>300k miles) of a diesel engine.

The 2 main categories on these forums are: 2 tank conversions start on diesel or biodiesel, and switch to heated WVO from the 2nd tank when the engine is warm, and require vehicle modifications and can use V100% even in very cold weather. Single tank systems modify the WVO by blending, and sometimes add some of the heating modifications that are in 2 tank conversions. I have both kinds of vehicle setups, shown in my signature below and described in the forums.

Here is the best FAQ question and answer page I have seen on WVO use:

Please avoid the attitude that "My way is the best/only way". There are so many variables, and so many ways to do each aspect, and many of them work. When people accept that, there are less flaming posts. WVO is one area where the "accepted wisdom" is constantly being revised, and often due to the work of people on this forum.

Please use the Search function up top to look for answers before posting, you get quicker answers and you don't wear out the frequent posters who often make the same posts over and over.

The use of WVO varies greatly depending on your climate, so it helps to hit the Profile button above, and put in your location. Then you won't be asked for that info repeatedly. Likewise on your profile, it helps to make a signature with your vehicle year, make, and model and any other info you like on the bottom of every post, like mine. Since the answers to any conversion or blending questions vary greatly depending on what vehicle you have or are planning to get.

Any discussions contained herein and within any place of this forum pertaining to the modification of your vehicle’s fuel system and the use of experimental fuels are strictly YOUR opinions and your opinions only. They are NOT condoned in any way, shape, nor form by the administrators, moderators, owners, nor by the vast majority of users. Use of any such information for any reason whatsoever is at YOUR OWN RISK.
YVORMV - Your veg. oil results may vary.
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