4,230G-force Centrifuge?

Collecting, filtering and dewatering of WVO SVO vegetable oil. For Biodiesel producers too.

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4,230G-force Centrifuge?

Postby AbsoluteCentrifuge » Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:16 am

I was wondering if there is any interest in a centrifuge that will generate 4,230g’s (76% more g-force than the next highest centrifuge)? This will be done by employing a VFD with an inverter duty motor that is rated up to 6,000RPM’s by the manufacturer so that it’s warranty will not be voided and premature motor failure will be of no concern. This will drastically increase waste oil cleaning efficiency and/or drastically reduce waste oil processing times. The pricing should be ~$1,700. For more information please e-mail me at: info@absolutecentrifuge.com or http://www.absolutecentrifuge.com/contact.aspx
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