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John Galt

Postby BMW Fan » Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:59 am


In relation to your claims of me selling 10 FPHE's, I can most assuredly guarantee you that I have never sold or in fact even owned a 10 Plate HE.

I am at a loss as to the reason behind your insistence I have sold these units but as I know you to be a person that is big on backing up what one says with factual evidence, if you want to continue with what I can only assume is confusing me with someone else, please provide links or a verifiable statement from someone that you believe has bought one of these units from me.

It appears you have never bought one from me directly, but if you have seen an invoice bearing my name, please post a scan of it up here. Other than that, perhaps since you seem to know so many people that have bought one from me, you may ask them to put up a post here saying so with some form of contact so it can be verified they are legitimate and not merely sock puppets.

I believe people know me to be an honest and trustworthy person and certainly not someone who is prone to lying to cover their own backside.
If you have no proof other than your hearsay to back up your allegations, perhaps people will give me credit for knowing what I have and have not sold and make room for what I know to be fact and give me the benefit of the doubt accordingly.

I have no reason to deny selling 10 plate HE's so I can only take your insistence that I have, to be either a mistake on your part or some sort of attempt to undermine my credibility.

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