Manual system design

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Manual system design

Postby grimey » Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:52 am

So im about to start on my first conversion. here is the diagram for my setup if anyone would like to critique it or just lemme know what you think of it. Any problems as well.

[img] ... iagram.jpg [/img]

I have a 1993 ford E350 7.3L
Using a 26 plate heat exchanger
racor 900 turbine series filter.
and a vegtherm as a back up heater when needed.
the Valves are 3-way manual ball valves.

The Injector drain "T"s into the shared return line.
The 1st valve determines the fuel.
The 2nd valve determines weather it returns to the diesel tank or the shared feed line while in VO mode.
The vegtherm will switch off during diesel mode so as not to heat the diesel.

thanx in advance, cant wait to get started
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Postby jburke » Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:10 am

"The vegtherm will switch off during diesel mode so as not to heat the diesel."

Have you read the threads about seized Stanadyne injection pumps on IDI Fords at infopop?

Are the valves rated for 250*F temperature fuel?

Are you heating the VO tank?
Cold VO won't flow thru a filter.

A good kit is a wise choice unless you have lots of time and very little money. There ar eplenfty of examples of conversions of the F-250's and E350's at infopop, with diagrams and parts list.
I think Dana Linscott offers plans.
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