Coating for inside of a steel tank?

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Coating for inside of a steel tank?

Postby bmalachuk » Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:28 am

I've happened to come across a local guy offering up space to setup a small WVO co-op. He's got a heated garage bay that is pretty large and would suit my single pass CF setup very nicely.

One interesting thing about this space he has is that it has an old water system tank in the back, which used to be the water treatment system for the apartment complex he owns. The water system has been sitting unused for years, and I was thinking rather than spending lots of time cutting the tank up and hauling it out, perhaps I should look at using it as a large unprocessed WVO storage tank. I'm assuming the tank is galvanized inside which I know will not play well with WVO, so I am left wondering what if any coating would be good for the inside. We are talking a 1000 to 1500 gallon tank, that as luck would have it is elevated 5-6 feet above the floor on a steel frame so that gravity feed to the CF would be easy.

I was thinking POR-15 for the inside of the tank, cause I know that stuff holds up to ANYTHING, but I wondered if anyone else had thoughts/suggestions on a coating that might be a little cheaper or work as well in a WVO situation.

Course I could always just continue using the 275-300 gallon plastic totes I have been using, but I'd rather keep them clean for CF'd oil, and the steel tank won't cost me a dime, other than materials to coat the inside and a piece of sheet metal to cover the access hatch I'll have to cut in the top of it for me to be able to climb in if I were to coat the inside.
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Postby djenkins6 » Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:06 pm

That's an awful lot of POR-15, could you chop off the top and drop in a pond liner or something like that just as long as it isn't rubber.

Then to use the oil just pump off the top, all the crud and water will be at the bottom.

To add more oil, use a long wand and pump it into the bottom so that you have a big cold uplow settling thing going on.

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