Wedge shaped tank for sedans

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Wedge shaped tank for sedans

Postby VegMeister » Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:23 am

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a medium-capacity (20gal would be nice) tank for newish (1-9 years old) sedans (Skoda/vw, mercs) and have basically settled on putting it in the trunk. I would like to conserve as much trunk space as I can, but use the wasted space behind the rear passenger seat (because the seat is at an angle). I'm therefore looking for a wedge shaped tank. I've searched the forums, infopop,, and everywhere else I can think on the internet. The closest I can come up with is this:

Which seems like an OK design but I was thinking it would be better to have it perfectly horizontal on the back part of the tank, with the wedge slope being for the angle of the passenger seat. I would also like to find a tank with HDPE or some other suitable plastic. I am looking at buying a dozen or so immediately with plans for maybe a LOT more so if you guys have any contacts with plastic tank people, please pass my info on to them perhaps I need to make a custom plastic tank for this? Any links/info/ideas?
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