96 Dodge Ram 2500SLT 4X4 Runs on diesel or Veg oil

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96 Dodge Ram 2500SLT 4X4 Runs on diesel or Veg oil

Postby gandjwhite » Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:44 am

It's got the treasured Cummins Turbo Diesel and the best transmission you could get from Dodge in 1996. I've converted it to run on Waste Vegetable oil and/or diesel fuel. The conversion alone is worth at least $2500. I'm the second owner and the first owner took great care of this truck. It's had all the preventative maintenance done. The interior and exterior are in relatively good shape. No major work has been needed that I'm aware ofThis is a great opportunity for anyone who may want a solid truck with great gas mileage and free fuel!

--325,000 miles on original Cummins engine (It's had regular oil changes and always run on synthetic oil--expect it will run a long time—these engines are rated to 500,000 miles and have even gone 1 million +!)
--Extended cab/long bed
--5 speed manual
--matching topper
--on the fly 4x4
--solid transmission
--20 mpg
--good tires
--smokestacks (you won't believe how many people stare at these when I drive by)
--towing package (You can tow practically anything smoothly)
--cruise control (Cruises great on long trips!)
--Electric locks and windows and drivers seat
--AM/FM Cassette
--notorious “death pin” on Dodge trucks has been fixed so no need to worry about that.

--the only flaws with this truck are minor... 1) there has been slight damage to the right rear bumper. 2) the heater/AC blower stopped working correctly. Probably a minor fix.

I'm subtracting $500 from my asking price for this repair.

There's hardly any rust at all. The top of the cab is faded away, but you don't see that part anyway.

Conversion info:
--Golden Fuel Systems 20 gallon heated tank ($500 for this tank alone)
--Coolant heated veggie filter
--Coolant heated Flat Plate Heat Exchanger
--manual valves by the gas pedal (inside cab)
--It is the same setup as used by SunWizard on BurnVeg.com

To run on Veggie, all you do is start on diesel. Then, after about 5 miles you switch the valves that are by your feet to Veggie mode. Then, when you're done, you just run the last two minutes on diesel (switch valves back) again before shutting down. You'll need to find a source to pick up oil from and then filter it. That's it--pretty easy. Free Fuel!

Books for $7070. Only asking $6000 which is a great deal considering the cost of a Veggie Conversion and the fact that this truck is solid and one of the few trucks that Converts easily to veggie. Need to sell it quickly so I can purchase something smaller.

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