dieselcraft oc20 question- 2 little flow think I got it now

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dieselcraft oc20 question- 2 little flow think I got it now

Postby carybrief » Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:26 pm

I built the system as per sunwizard design on this site . commercial pump/motor correct specs as per dieselcraft. my flow from the fuge at 80 psi is a slow drizzle not like I see on youtube videos. the nozzles drip one or two drops if I am lucky when I turn it off and check it. I checked the center shaft holes and they spray very strongly (as per instructions). how do I clean the nozzles (it is a brand new unit?) Help! i have been working on this for weeks - I am disabled so everything is doubly as difficult and a total bummer when it doesnt work after all this. .thanks for your help. Cary

well after a little down time I looked at the online schematic and noticed that possibly my plunger was stuck (it wasn't) but I took a level to the hole thing and my shed floor is off a bit - so I propped up the drum closer to level and the flow got a whole lot stronger. Think that was the entire issue. thanks again for the forum. much appreciated.
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