Purging,& 2-tank swap ?

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Purging,& 2-tank swap ?

Postby colin4coolin » Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:27 pm

Howdy !
Haven't seen this topic posted. Actually 3 Q. for now.
If there is info already here, would you supply the links ?
I bought a really nice 2002 F250, with 2-tank conversion installed. However, I don't really like the setup, where veggie oil goes in main tank, and diesel goes in 2nd tank in the front of the bed (inside the fiberglass cap).
I usually don't drive more than 15 miles per trip, except when we're towing the travel trailer on vacation. So there is very little opportunity to run on veggie, most of the time( due to the warm-up period, and 10 minute or 10 mile purging period).
1.) Can I modify the system so it will purge the veggie a lot quicker ?
2.) How can I monitor the point at which the veggie is purged, so it's safe to shut-down ?
3.) Does anyone else use the " ELSBETT " system on a Ford Truck ?
Do you know whats involved in returning the main ( original ) fuel tank to diesel/ biodiesel, and using 2nd tank for veggie ?
( I'd like to replace the 25 gal. 2nd tank with a 68 gallon version.)
The Germans are of no help with any of these questions...
2002 FORD F250 with 2-tank SVO/WVO conversion, using German-made ELSBETT
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Postby 240Volvo » Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:57 pm

You need to describe your system in detail. Is it from a conversion company, or composite? Is it looped return one to tank? This kind of stuff. Re Elsbett system for your vehicle:

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Postby tubular031 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:43 am

The ford is MUCH different then any other diesel out there. most use the check valve switching method on the PSD. In my truck the purge time is about 15 seconds to blow out the lines with diesel then about 1/10 of a mile driving or a minute of idling. I have 2 independent fuel systems. diesel is fed from one end of the fuel rail and vo from the other side. If you are putting VO in the main tank are you using the stock fuel pump to feed VO? if so, that pump will not last long at all.

Check out the link in my sig for details on how I did mine. Its based off the veggiestroke design
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Postby SunWizard » Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:54 am

You should be able to get a much quicker purge time. It sounds like you have a poorly designed system, probably sharing the large stock filter for D2 and VO, which makes a long purge time. See http://www.dinofuelalternatives.com/index.php for an example of the best system for a powerstroke.

Most people check their purge 1 time with dye in the VO and look for when its cleaned out with a clear inline filter in the return line or other lines. After the 1 time you test it you don't need to monitor it every time, simply repeat the same purge time at the same RPM.
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