Dodge VP44 on VO track record

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Dodge VP44 on VO track record

Postby tylerkck » Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:35 pm

I am close to converting my 2002 Dodge and have most of the components sitting in the garage. I read bad things about running veg thru these injection pumps, but attributted it to poor WVO processing and inadequate conversions.....that was until I read how the VP44 uses the fuel it pumps to lubricate AND cool itself. I dug deeper.... ... d-pictures

I also scoured forums and contacted anyone I found with experience, some replied as noted.....

First the bad, mostly from Frybrid forum;
Blackwolf “Well I had my VP44 fail in my 99 Dodge 3500. Appeared to be electronics.” “Chip of Blue Chip called yesterday and told me that Bosch's report back to him was there was absolute no wear or adverse affects in the VP44 from the use of veggie oil. They went on to say that it was not best looking 'veggie' VP44 they had seen.” 12/2006. Emailed me back….He de-converted it gave to son, now has a converted 2003.

Blaine robinson… posted on 6/06-” I am having an issue with the VO side of the fuel system. I ran about 5000 miles and the engine lite came on. I ran without the regulator at a pressure of 24 lbs. The code was P1693 from the odometer. I was experiencing dead pedal occasionally then it would clear up. I switched back to diesel and ran a tank through it and the lite went off and I never had the dead pedal syndrome again. I tried the VO system again after I flushed it and put in diesel. And I got a dead pedal or severe drop in power and the engine lite came back on.” Last post was later that month. I think the max pressure you can give the VP44 is 20psi, maybe 25psi….not sure if he’s saying he flushed the VO side and filled it with diesel….if so the error code could be due to high fuel pressure.

“Yes the VP-44 will throw a code if the fuel is too hot. I just had my brand new VP throw that code while I was running Veg the other day. Unfortunately I dont have a temp guage installed so I don't know how hot it was running. I have a Vegtherm and right now my return is looped. I think I will change to a true return soon.”- sorry I didn’t document this one, not sure where I got it.

Baggy, conversion 12/2007, last post 6/2008. Don’t think he used a FPHE.

Moparman13045, conversion 10/2006, added FPHE soon after. I couldn’t find a later post about it, but did find later posts about his 2004.5 conversion.

Tractorguyacb, conversion 12/2007, last post 7/2009-“I have a 2000 dodge ram 2500 with a 3 3 port valve system. The temp at the pressure port on the Ip is 170. My fuel pressure is about 18 PSI. When running on VO and stopped at a light, the truck seems to idle rough. This only happens on VO and not on diesel.”

Patracy on biodiesel.infopop, converted 7/2008, VP44 error codes (P0216) only on VO, runs worse when it happens…dead pedal, blending now.

David Kana on biodiesel.infopop, same result as Patracy.

Now onto the good....

Phil- emailed back-20,000 miles and going strong.

Cumminscanuck (burnveg)- emailed back, 17,000 miles and all good, running temps up to 190F.

Pquevill, conversion 8/2005, 16000 miles last thing I read…… over 159k miles on VO! +375k miles total on original VP44! 2000 Dodge.

Vegdodge, conversion 11/2005, 160k miles: converted, IP died soon after, replaced, now at 238k miles (78k on veg).

Texvo, “My factory VP44 has died on my 2001 Dodge Ram 2500. I have about 15,000 miles since I installed a Frybrid kit, love it BTW. I have a fuel gauge and all, I suspect it was on its way out before the conversion as the LP was not functioning when the kit was installed, I don't know how long it had been dead, it was repalced the year before, go figure.” Still running veg, new IP approaching 35000 miles. Has FPHE, switch over at 180F.
2002 Dodge Ram 2500 HO Cummins 6speed. +130k miles, replaced IP at 57k. Edge Juice Attitude, Airdog 95, guages.....
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