Great Filtering Set Up for Sale - MA

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Great Filtering Set Up for Sale - MA

Postby dwellehan » Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:12 am

My filtering equipment is:
1) Golden Fuel Systems One Shot Filtration System [ ]. Plus spare Racor filters (eight 2 micron, one 10 micron). This thing is a beast! and compared to my friends who patched together other filtering systems, this was clearly the best. Very portable, very functional, filters quickly, and really makes the ongoing work really streamlined. It's $950 new (+S&H). I have 9 filters at $11 each, so $99 value. (These do about 75 gallons each, depending on fuel quality and time allowed for particulate to settle out). So $1050 new...

2) One bucket heater [ ] about $35 new. You'll need this at least 4 months of the year.

3) Four 50 gallon steel drums with lids. You can find these for free, although it's always a hassle to clean out the old contents. These are ready to roll.

4) Six super rugged 5-gallon cubies [ ... &catid=576 ] with 1 spigot cap. Great for mid-range road trips and/or storing filtered veg. Makes filling up super easy, especially in winter. And no more worries about the remaining life of the restaurant's disposable cubies. ($80 new)

5) A big funnel with a prefiltering screen that fits onto steel drums. (I used some for settling unfiltered veg, and others to store filtered oil.) Forgot how much this was.

6) I have a handful of clamps and whatnot for holding hoses or heaters, absorbent gravel-stuff to clean spills, and similar stuff to make the whole operation smooth.

This set up retails for 1250. Selling for $850. Be in touch if you have any questions.
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