Andy Rooney on 60 minutes show mentions veggie oil vehicles

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Andy Rooney on 60 minutes show mentions veggie oil vehicles

Postby SunWizard » Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:58 pm

I just watched Andy Rooney on the 60 minutes show tonight, and he showed a pic of a bus fuel filler cap with a "Powered by Veggie Oil" bumper sticker above it. This is a very popular show, so its probably the biggest public mention of veg vehicles yet. Although he then said he wouldn't want one that smelled like bacon grease or french fries.

Those who missed it can probably find it on soon, but he already has many on there so a search may be tricky.
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Postby David » Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:38 pm

I'm afraid i'm not a supporter or fan of advertising what we do or trying to get more people into it.

I have been twice asked to give interviews in the last 6 weeks, one to a newspaper and one for TV about what I do and how I use veg and I have declined in no uncertain terms on both occasions. Once upon a time things would have been different but experience has led me ( and others I know) to rethink that position.

I have been ridiculed and lambasted for not towing the Biogreen bandwagon mentality a heap of times in the past, amusingly the strongest and most indignant criticism came from those that have long since come and gone back to using regular petro fuels because the cause they were so fundamentally so deeply concerned about seems to have become too much effort to bother with. After the last fuel price hike and subsequent decline, my position on not promoting Veg fuels has been proven entirely correct as far as I'm concerned.

I'll try to keep my rant short but really, there is no upside to those of us whom are veggie users now getting more people involved if we are not trying to sell something.
Now someone like JG who is in it for honestly noble reasons of saving air pollution might disagree and I can see his point, however in my experience there are few like him. He is genuine in his concerns and has stuck with it beyond when it was the "trendy" thing to do.
We have fought on many occasion but someone that sticks to what they believe in will always have my admiration for that unlike those that make a lot of noise and hold themselves out as holier than thou then give it away as soon as the in thing of the day has moved on.

At the last price Hike I saw loads of people all claiming to be green conscious and all that and 99% of them now are no where to be found near veg oil as soon as the topic at the cocktail parties was old hat, they went on to the next feel good fad.
Even the owner of the local veg forum that chastised and brow beat anyone that didn't subscribe of his agenda of world bio domination has jumped ship and at last account was back to using regular dino despite all his lofty ideas and rantings.

No Doubt when the price of fuel goes up again, whenever that will inevitably be, there is no way I'm going to be spending so much of my time helping the waves of newbs all wanting to jump on the bandwagon and then abandon it just as quick.
I'm also not inclined to make things harder for myself like last time in getting supplies of oil.

I have gone from glut to scarcity and back to glut and I'm not interested in going back again.


I don't give a damn about what might or could happen until a significant group of people can tell me it HAS happened to them.
Until then, it's just more endless gloom and doom Veg folk law.
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