Opinions on a custom 2 tank installation

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Opinions on a custom 2 tank installation

Postby truthstar » Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:46 pm

I found a fella on craiglist, not too far from me who does two tank system installs for $250. Which includes parts and installation.

Here is the wording from his ad

"Email and make an appointment today and drive on veg oil tommorow. Push button or manual dual tank system $150 labor and $100 parts. Don't pay $1,000, $800, $600, or even $400 for a "kit".

I don't try to sell a plastic filter heater etc etc system that you don't need, just exactly what is needed to succesfully and safely drive off on WVO. "

I went ahead and emailed him a few more questions that I had, and here is some discussion I had with him.

"I dont convince anyone to buy a filter they dont need, this is included in most kits. Clean the oil before you put it in the tank. Centrifuge is the best.

I use raw materials, stainless steel pipes, manual or electric switch and 3/8" fuel line and 5/16" line. some cable ties and wire.

If you want send me the kit link you are interested in buying and I will tell you what you need and what you dont. You can have the system installed materials and labor using my system, vs buying a kit uninstalled. I am not into knocking other products out there because I do believe that there are high qualitity systems out there, however some parts may not be needed and you can save by not using them."

- What is the size of the second tank?

Typically use a small 5 gallon walmart tank for your diesel(you can use a tank in your garage), then put the veg in your stock tank

- How does it become heated within the second tank?

Weld in a stainless fabricated heater

- At what price, and if possible could you add a temperature gauge, I'd like to be able to switch tanks at the desirable oil temperature. (Greasecar makes this fancy little computer called the CoPilot which will switch tanks automatically once the ideal temperature is reached)

You can watch your water temp on your dash, when temp is normal the switch over. Some folks have complained that they dont even now if they have switched over with an auto system. I would charge $50 in labor to put in a temp gauge.

Ever since dealing with that horrific deal with the LoveCraft system I'm very much more weary and being unemployed, i need to watch my dollars! Thanks for the patience!

I really respect the lovecraft system. their marketing was genious, but I have a different opinion of a veg oil system. Truly they are the pioneers of the veg oil movement.

I asked him some more information on his fabricated heater system, he said this and sent some pictures...

This is a pic of the tank cut open. 2 stainless exchangers welded to the bottom of the tank to heat directly at the suction. Other heaters come in from the top, but as your fuel level decreases the amount of heat getting to the fuel also decreases.


What do you think of his description of his installation? Should I add anything onto this to make it safer?

Thank you!
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Postby SunWizard » Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:11 pm

That sounds like a poor conversion, but isn't much info to go on. If he likes lovecraft, be very afraid. Answers depend on your location and vehicle.

It sounds like he is using no FPHE, so heating the entire tank to a decent temp to switchover could take many hours. And heating the entire tank is bad since it promotes polymerization, and the steel tank is also bad for that. Sharing the small stock filter between WVO and diesel is a bad idea, since in cold weather it will plug with thick WVO especially if there is any PHO or animal fats. Purging could take >10-20 miles and you might be getting lots of WVO in your diesel tank each time.

I recommend reading about proper 2 tank WVO conversions to understand what is wrong with his. See mine for example: 1995 Dodge Cummins Truck, heated 2 tank, WVO, FPHE, 3 valves Which also works on <95 Mercedes, and can be done for <$200.
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Postby dragonfly » Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:14 am

Does the phrase "Run don't walk away" ring a bell? Spend your money wisely. Do a ton of research on the WVO Forums. A competitor in the WVO kit world has a good diagram of a typical installation. Worth looking over to understand the basics and how everything works.
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