94 to 94.5 powerstoke IP question

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94 to 94.5 powerstoke IP question

Postby fishflyguy » Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:46 am

I was looking for the advice of some folks of a good way to tell the difference between a 94 and 94.5 PS. I am possibly looking to purchase one and I want to make sure I have a 94 with the mechanical IP. I think the 94.5 is when they went to the HEUI IP which I don't want to deal with. So is it possible to look in the engine and be able to physically tell the difference?
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94 engine

Postby ka7sqd_mike » Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:54 am

I just bought a '94 Ford 7.3 and learned how the differences go initially. First, the 7.3 non-Powerstroke is called the 7.3 Indirect Injection (or IDI) Turbo engine. The Powerstroke is called the 7.3 Direct Injection (or DI) engine. I don't think they actually made any non-turbo that year, but did reserve a VIN code for it (code F). The 7.3 IDI turbo (non-Powerstroke) is VIN code K. The 7.3 DI (Powerstroke) is VIN code M.
The fuel filter on the IDI is a canister-style unit (kinda looks like an oil filter) in front of/ above the right valve cover, with a screw-on bottom piece for the water separator drain and water sensor. I'm not sure where the DI unit is, but it uses a replaceable element instead of the whole canister.
The oil filters are basically the same, but the DI (Powerstroke) filter is a bit bigger (taller). It will fit the IDI motor, but will be a snug fit. It holds a LOT more crap from the oil, so I put one on mine.
I think the air filter box for the Powerstroke has it in big letters, whereas the IDI just says TURBO on it. I'm not totally positive on this one, since I only have the repair books and internet pics to go from. Hope I was some help.....
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