Here we go again!

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Here we go again!

Postby David » Tue Feb 01, 2011 7:00 am

It seems we have come full circle with oil prices and they are on the skyward climb again.

As linked as they undeniably are, no doubt the Veg oil/ Bio thing will once again become a talking point and news item just as the cause was about to fade into the obcurity reserved for other nut jobs and space cadet ideals.

I'm sure the way things go will now be predictable having seen it about 2 years ago.
The media will be running storys on how to run your car for free. People driving oversized vehicles and Psudeo tree huggers will all flock to forums asking the most basic questions with the sum total of their reseach beforehand being how to sign up on various forums to ask people what has already been reopeated 1000 times before.

The opportunists will also appear like magic offering all sorts of poorly made and useless devices that will be snapped up by those with too much money and too little paticence to learn what they really need. Inevitably the people that buy these things will then come onto forums asking how to fit them and then argue with anone that dosen't think they are the best thing sliced bread.

No doubt the plentiful oil supplies will dy up again as collectors once again use strong arm and scare tactics to put restaurants onto contracts they will once again abandon as soon as it suits them but put the fear of god into anyone that wants to give the oil to someone else.
I know some restraunteurs will be wiser this time round having never seen a promised payment cheque or been left to dispose of the oil themselves the collectors no longer were in such a gut busting fir to get every drop of.

I'm afraid this time round I'm not going to bother helping anyone get into oil. I wasted a lot of time helping people before both on forums and with plentiful personal tours and instruction that all turned into flash in the pans and barely got a thankyou for my efforts. As well as minimal gratitude, I even got sarcasm and ridicule when people did exactly what I warned them not to ( mainly because they were too damn lazy to do things right or thought they knew better) and had problems.
Yep, when you don't do what I tell you and things go wrong as I warned, that would be my fault.

It's also patently clear that trying to oversaturate the demand for a very finite resource that will already have a lot of compitition trying to aquire is just plain stupid when it's cutting the rug out from under yourself.

The one thing I'l be painfully aware of this time round is the bleeding heart tree hugging save the planet types on the Eco bandwagon.

The biggest insult I have recieved in my veg oil participation is to be called neames because i dared admit I was in the veg oil game for the money savings when the New wave hippies chastised me for not doing it for the enviroment. None of the loudmouthed save the world types I came across have stuck with veg oil despite their endless Holier than thou rantings which have turned out to be completely hypocritical.
Unsurprisingly, all teh people I know that admitted they were in it for the money still are and they are the ones that are doing the enviromental good the green bandwagon riders preached but soon abandoned as soon as it was no longer fashionable or the price of Diesel dropped enough for them to not want to get their hands dirty any more.

I also wonder of all the never completed or barely used Bio plants will be dug out of the mothballs and actually put to use. I said it years ago that I had severe resevations about the enviromental good and in fact damage that the expendeture of all these wasted resources that went into building these useless plants caused and now I see several reports and studies that confirm the exact thing I was uestioning but was again shouted down by the green bandwagon riders.

The environmental damage done in several parts of the world where forest was cleared to grow oil plants is an environmentaly catastrophie that has litte moden equal and will certainly be more long lasting and detrimental than anything in recent times.

It will be really interesting to see how the ride goes this time and how much is exactly the same and how much people wake up to different things and which mistakes are made again and which are avoided with the benifit of hindsight.

The bleeding hearts can say what they like this time, I'm very clear on what I will and won't be doing and with the all my prevous get feeling and concerns proven 100% correct, i'll not be changing my mind one bit!


I don't give a damn about what might or could happen until a significant group of people can tell me it HAS happened to them.
Until then, it's just more endless gloom and doom Veg folk law.
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Postby Jason SVO » Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:39 am

It's interesting to hear how you will do things differently. I agree, in that without a financial benefit, running WVO would be not be alluring to most of us. Environmentalism is for many a matter of convienance, and that's just how it is.
I hope we all have learned a lesson or two from the last round of demand spikes. It seems like once Diesel hits a magic number, like $3.50, that's enough to push people into spending the extra time and $ resources to burn veg.
In my case, running veg is an irrational labor of love, made rational by the financial savings. I can elaborate more but it's all murky in my mind. If diesel was $1/gallon I would still have a desire to burn veg, but would no longer have the excuse that I'm saving money. I would still do it as I can't stand any other exhaust stank than french fries.
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