Blackstone oil report on 180K mile 7.3L with Vegistroke V3

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Blackstone oil report on 180K mile 7.3L with Vegistroke V3

Postby powerstroke73L » Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:59 am

Just thought I'd post up the results of my first Blackstone oil analysis. I never had one done while I was still running #2 full time, but I would assume the numbers would be the same with the exception of the sodium and potassium. This is an amended report as the technician had initially missed the fact that I had checked "WVO" in the fuel box (the choices are Biodiesel, WVO, and Diesel) and they thought that the trace amounts of sodium and potassium were from coolant :shock: I called because I noticed that in the report the fuel type was listed as "Diesel," and figured they missed it. Thankfully they did-I had noted that I noticed the coolant was about half a quart low though so I may have a pinhole leak or a water pump ready to go south so I'm keeping an eye on it. As a side note this as after nearly 100K miles of WVO use:


The reason they were looking for excessive fuel in the oil is because all of my glowplugs are shot and rather than replace them this winter I simply plugged the truck in every night (except the nights I forgot to :lol:) I figured that some extra fuel might have ended up in the oil from those hard morning starts but nothing out of the normal range apparently.
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