air in fuel lines on 97 ford 7.3L powerstroke

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air in fuel lines on 97 ford 7.3L powerstroke

Postby pigpen » Sun May 08, 2011 2:33 pm

I have air in my fuel line. I have a heated tank( by coolant) than sent to Vormax veggie filter, than in Hose in hose up to my palvic valve. From thier I have about 4ft of fuel line that feeds to my Engine intake. It is side bi side to the return fuel line. My return line goes to a manual switch that one way sends the fuel back to the diesel tank and the other to a 6inch line that feeds back into the fuel intake line.

I am considering removing loop and adding a return line to my veggie tank.

Want to know if

A I am going to loose to much heat.

B If my looped return is creating back pressure.

My problem is that I can drive fine on the return to diesel tank on both Veggie and Diesel.

On the looped line the diesel line acts like it's loosing fuel and almost dies or it does die.

On Veggie my engine slows down and loose power and I have to slow down to 45mph on the hiway. It's like I am running out of fuel or have to much air.

please any help is most apprciated

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