Refined Sunflower Oil,Corn Oil, Palm Oil and many more

Space Heating with SVO WVO Vegetable Oil Biofuel.

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Refined Sunflower Oil,Corn Oil, Palm Oil and many more

Postby edibledirect » Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:57 pm

Dear Sir,

we like to introduce our company to you as one of the best supplier of

Edible Oil here in

We like to let you know that we sell Edible Oil and Biodiesel Oil all at

affordable price and our company is situated in China and we deliver to

buyers at a good schedule delivery.

we have Rapeseed Oil, SoyBean Oil, Jatropha Oil, Corn Oil,Grape seed

Oil,Sessame Oil,Soya bean Oil,Castor Oil,Vegetable oil,Palm Oil,crude palm

oil, RBD PalmOil

Refined Sunflower Oil .....$450 USD Per Metric ton
Pure Refined Sessame Oil.... $400 USD Per Metric ton
Refined Corn Oil .............$450 USD Per Metric ton
Refined Soybean Oil ..........$450 USD Per Metric ton
Jatropha Oil ...........$550 USD Per Metric ton
RBD Palm Oil,...............$450 USD Per Metric ton
Palm Oil..........$400 USD Per Metric ton
Biodiesel Oil.......$ USD 550 Per Metric ton
Safflower Oil........$450 USD Per Metric ton
Rapeseed Oil .......$450 USD Per Metric ton
Waste Vegetable Oil available at $250USD PerMT

many more all at affordable price.

Delivery Method: Bulk by vessel, ship to tank ETC
Our minimum order is 23MT

Payment term: Bank to bank transfer (T/T),L/C, Wire Transfer.

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Postby David » Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:50 am

No Snake oil???

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