veg collection prefilter (where to find one these days?)

A description and pics of your SVO WVO Vegetable Oil conversion, help the next person who gets that model.

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veg collection prefilter (where to find one these days?)

Postby soshea00 » Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:22 pm

Hi y'all
I'm embarking on a cross country trip with two wvo vehicles and two trailers and have lost my pre-filter/pick up screen. I had the standard one that comes with the 1604 fill-rite pumps (or at least it used to) and I can't find a replacement anywhere on the web. I used to be able to track them down a few years ago, but haven't tried in awhile until now. I love that little thing. If you know where i can get a replacement or something similar, please holler back.
Thanks so much for all your help and a great forum.
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