Comparing different SVO types

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Comparing different SVO types

Postby SunWizard » Sat Mar 15, 2008 11:24 am

This chart shows the large variations between SVO types and diesel and B100.

Oil_____Iodine Value__CloudPoint_______PourPoint
Corn_____103-140_____-1.1C, 30F_____-40C, -40F
Cottonseed_90-119_____1.7C, 35F_____-15C, 5F
Peanut_____80-106____12.8C, 55F______-7C, 19F
Rapeseed__94-120______-4C, 25F_____-32C, -26F
Canola____94-120______-4C, 25F______-32C, -26F
HO Canola__60-78
Safflower__126-152_____18C, 64F_____-6.7C, 19F
HO "_______90-100____-12C, 10F_____-21C, -6F
Soybean___117-143_____-4C, 25F______-12C, 10F
Sunflower__110-143_____7C, 45F______-15C, 5F
Diesel#2_____________-15C, 5F______-33C, -27F
B100 (canola)__________1C , 34F_____-2C, 28F

The cloud point is the start of crystal formation in the oil which gives it a cloudy appearance. As the temperature is lowered, the crystals continue to grow until the oil is no longer a fluid but a gel. The temperature at which flow ceases plus 4.5 F is defined as the pour point. The point where your filter starts to plug is a few degrees below the cloud point.

Iodine value affects how fast the VO polymerizes, see:
Polymerization thread.
Cetane is inversely related to IV, the lower the IV, the higher the cetane, which equals more power and easier starting.

These numbers will vary even within a type of SVO. Interesting that for all SVO types, the HO (High Oleic) variety are much better on all the stats. They are close to diesel for cloud point. HO Canola is what they use in SVO based motor oil and hydraulic fluids, along with anti-oxidant additives. Which means its the best fuel if you have a well worn engine and some SVO is getting past the rings at startup. They also last much longer in the fryer (some last longer than PHO) and are healthier, so get your restaurants to change if possible.

Also note that these numbers are for new SVO, as it gets more well used, the stats get worse, and the cloud point increases.
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Postby BMW Fan » Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:03 pm

I was in contact with this Austrian company some time ago.
Very interesting products and highly recommended in Austria and Germany.
" Blauer Engel " award. ( good or best for the environment )
But no Motor oils, “ only “ hydraulic , chain saw, etc.
Watch for their additives for rapeseed ( canola ) and soy. Website in English

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