WVO motorcycle

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Re: WVO motorcycle

Postby SunWizard » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:22 pm

lynn wrote:So now I think I understand more what you mean by parallel...I think what you mean is that I should splice into that hose the red arrow is pointing to and put the FPHE between the out from the water pump and the in of the thermostat?

Maybe. You need to find out how the flow goes in your engine, and where a cab heater would connect. A shop manual might tell. I can't tell from your pic. The water pump is usually hooked to the other side of the radiator.
I cut that hose, (it was very stuck) and found a 7/16"inch pipe...it is very rusty..problem? In the other photo is the outlet pipe I cast to go directly into the homemade FHPE then into the radiator. But now I suppose this hose will go directly from that outlet into the top of the radiator..right?

Yes if thats normally where the radiator goes.
I'm going to get some fresh eyes on this thing in case I've made some critical mistake I don't see....this has given me pause....

Good idea, you probably need someone who understands what parallel means.
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Re: WVO motorcycle

Postby lynn » Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:42 am

Thanks Sun Wizard...sounds like I've tested your patience! The Kubota people really think I should heat the oil in the tank with some copper tube...they don't think the oil is going to go through the filter if it's not warmed up. I'm going to ask them to read the thread on this if they have time so they can see what you say. It's interesting how many opinions there are about doing this....I am learning a lot!
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Re: WVO motorcycle

Postby coachgeo » Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:36 pm

Now howld I miss a WVO bike being built getting posted in here.

First.... for your diesel Bike building assistance got to the following site for the best info. Lots of Diesel bike builders there. Please do a build thread on your bike after introduce yourself- http://www.suckindiesel.com/thingy/

Second... On my diesel bike.... Once I find an engine, something to consider is a aux. coolant heat exchanger. This is my plan, too install both a landline powered and small camp bottle propane powered collant heat exchanger. This way can "preheat" both the engine and the fuel prior to starting the bike by whichever power source is most convient. (Work 110V, Home LP since I don't have full time electricity at home) Will also use a 3cyl diesel. (see Heicko's Tiger Diesel for sample of my intentions). Mine will probably be a blended fuel bike similar to John Galt's auto. Info on J.Galt's stuff can be found at burnveg.com and think I've mentioned it some in here too.

Remember you need only a very tiny little tank of diesel in your twin tank build. For your set up consider tucking away a small homemade 1/2 gal, if not smaller diesel tank and use the normal tank for WVO. Determine how long it takes to get your engine to normal operating temps. Your diesel tank needs to only be as large as providing enough full to do that plus a little for shut down/purge.

You can put diesel in your WVO tank for Iron Butt long trips when you have hard time finding filtered WVO. You might put in a FPHE bypass for long running on diesel.
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Re: WVO motorcycle

Postby coachgeo » Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:14 pm

SunWizard wrote:
I have to have the police inspect my motorcycle after I finish the build to get it registered, are they going to pass me with the WVO system or tell me that I can't use it because of fuel tax/highway tax issues...should I dismantle the WVO for the inspection?
Depends on where you are. I would leave it and only mention it if they ask. What is probably harder to pass is the emissions requirements in the USA, and thats why they all come with diesel particulate filters since 2007.

Most states, if any, emmision test motorcycles
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