enine oil change interval, type of oil/vehicle, oil analysis

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enine oil change interval, type of oil/vehicle, oil analysis

Postby beeline » Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:21 pm

What is everyone using for engine oil change intervals and type of oil? has anyone done engine oil analysis' to find out at which point the oil gets to be of questionable quality? If yes, with what parameters (VO system/vehicle/mileage/running what % of time on oil)?

Synthetic oil holds up better (double?) to that of mineral based engine oil. When running on straight diesel I am comfortable with 20.000km/250hrs/1 year oil change interval, which ever comes first. I know to change the oil more frequently when burning oil, but how frequently is the question? I would like to think the synthetic oil holds up much better than normal oil, but this may be just wishful thinking if the additives in the syn oil aren't equipped to deal with VO contamination. That's were a (pricey) continued oil analysis throughout the service life of the oil would paint a good picture.

... just wondering...
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