F/S: 2003 F350 SRW Reg Cab 4x4 with V3 and Filtration Sys-NJ

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F/S: 2003 F350 SRW Reg Cab 4x4 with V3 and Filtration Sys-NJ

Postby powerstroke73L » Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:03 am

Hey guys I am downsizing at least for a little while-we just had a baby and my old regular cab is no longer practical for trips to see family, etc... I'm selling my rig to finance a kiddie mover for my wife.


2003 F350 Regular Cab XL (Work package)
7.3L bone stock
SRW 4x4 A/T Manual hubs
195,000 miles
Ice cold AC (recently recharged/seals replaced/105 orifice valve installed)
New alternator
New transmission cooler
New GPR (I thought it was bad-turns out it was the plugs)
1 year old NAPA Gold batteries
Underhood battery tender
Block heater with cord
Front hubs recently serviced
New front control arm and recent alignment
2.5" Rough Country leveling springs in the front
Class III hitch
Towing package
V3 with 60 gallon combination toolbox/tank
New main fuel delivery line from V3 to engine (the old one blew)

I'm also selling the truck with the complete filtration system so this would be a perfect turn-key opportunity for someone looking to get into running SVO. Here is the list of parts:

Dieselcraft OC-20 Centrifuge
Pressure relief valve and associated plumbing ("set it and forget it" so you don't have to babysit it)
Heater pipe constructed of schedule 80 black pipe and fittings + 2 4500W heating elements/thermostats
3500 psi burst pressure flexible hydraulic lines (this thing is blowout proof)
1/2 HP Industrial grade 1725 RPM motor with aluminum pump mounting bracket
Haldex 0.9 GPM Hydraulic pump (mated to motor)-perfect match for the OC-20
Shelco 20" cartridge filter housing (for pre-filtering) with 4 extra filters
2 HF Clear water pumps-I used one for transferring oil between barrels and one for filling the truck
35' of 5/8" rubber fuel house
OPW Fill nozzle with backpressure cut off
Steel pre-filter and centrifuge barrels
All associated plumbing, wiring, switches, etc...
New 55 gallon poly drum with hand transfer pump (I used this to carry extra fuel on a trip to Maine)
330 Gallon tote (full of oil)


And now (full disclosure) some of the issues with the truck:

Dents and dings - The front of the truck, hood, fenders, etc...are pristine. The driver's door has a dent as does the passenger. Both are completely fixable, I just never bothered to. There is some rust starting on the bottoms of both doors. The worst part of the body is the infamous rear wheel well rust which has eaten all the way through in places. The bottom line is it would not be hard to restore this truck to looking brand new.

Glow plugs - Few if any of the glow plugs are working at this point. The truck will start (grudgingly) in single digit temps thanks to the new batteries, but I plugged it in every night last winter so as not to beat the crap out of them. Because I always had access to electricity overnight I never bothered to replace them. I never noticed a difference in my electric bill. Plus it was nice to have practically instant heat/V3 switchover on freezing mornings.

Tires - The truck has 265/75/16 General Grabber A/Ts that are basically at the end of their lives so the truck will need tires. You could buy some time by rotating them.

Overall this truck has had a pretty good life. I bought it used in 2003 from the dealership that sold it new. It had been the take-home truck of the Buildings and Grounds Supervisor of a local college. The truck was never towed heavy (no 5th wheel) or plowed with. I used it as a daily driver and firewood hauler for about four and a half years. It's no Lariat or King Ranch but it would make a great work truck or just a daily driver for someone who likes a no-frills (no power windows/locks to act up, etc...) truck. KBB pegs the value of this truck in fair condition (which with the body damage it is not-I realize that) at $12,645. The cost of a new V3 (with the 60 gallon combo tank is $4,570. I have just over $2000 invested in the filtration system (all industrial grade components). I'm looking for $15,000 for everything-firm. For someone who is just looking to get into SVO from scratch this is probably about the cheapest you'd be able to do it and still have a quality truck/system. The truck is located in NW Hunterdon County, New Jersey. PM me with any questions, details, or if you want to talk more about the truck. I would consider separating the V3 and the truck, the filtration system and the truck, etc...so if you're interested in that let me know. I can also post more pictures if anyone would like-the weather has been crappy here or else I would have snapped a few. The pictures above are just what I had already on my computer at the time.
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