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WVO car recommendations

I love my pickup... been successfully running WVO for several years now. However, the wife would like a car, preferably a sedan. Because everything's been running so smoothly with the truck I've convinced her to go veggie with the future car (don't worry, we're keeping the truck!). The only thing is, I don't know which model of car is best for running veg.
In your experience, what makes, models, years of cars run best on ...
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Running WVO without a system (in San Diego)

Sorry if this post is repetitive...

Can I run filtered WVO into a diesel engine without a system in warm weather? I'm thinking of getting a VW Passat and made a connection with a local WVO filter-er. Anyone see any reason as to why this wouldn't work?
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Is my pump and centrifuge compatible?

I found a real nice gear pump to pump into my centrifuge but im not sure if its too big as Ill have to reduce it down ... 700721.pdf ... gph-Brass/

I am currently looking for a motor. im looking at one that is 1 hp 1750rpm.

What do you think? Do I need to go buy a kit or can ...
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New & inspired

Hello veggers,
I've been burning WVO for a couple of years now & for several thousand miles & I'm loving it. I've got a two tank setup on the vehicle.
As for WVO processing, I gravity settle the gunk & water then filter down to 1 micron using a custom designed filtration tower that I would like to post about in the future. I'm currently saving up for a centrifuge setup so I can more ...
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For Sale

Golden Fuel Systems two tank system for MB. Located in So. Cal. Never installed, still in original boxes. Purchased in 2009. Paid $1,862.00. Asking $400.00 Davco filter NOT included.
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Converting a 6.0l 2005/2007 ford to WVO

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to all this veggie oil stuff Im decently mechanically inclined, but been looking for a bus lately and i finally found a couple down in the states. I was hoping it was going to have the 7.3l diesel but unfortunately it has the 6.0l diesel on a 2005 or 2007 ford e450. I heard this motor is junk could anyone convince me otherwise? Have many people converted these to running ...
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Golden Fuel Systems v. BioFuels Technologies

Truck: 1997 Powerstroke 7.3l diesel.

I'm having trouble deciding between these two kits: Golden Fuel Systems WVO kit & the BioFuels Technologies Vegistroke WVO kit.
The Golden Fuel Systems kit costs $3,379.84 and comes with a heated tank.
The BioFuels Technologies Vegistroke kit costs $3,495 without their $825-$1,225 heated tank.
The forum posts about the BioFuels Technologies Vegistroke kit also mention that my year model truck has to be converted to electronic fuel injection to ...
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Newbe Can it be done

Hello everyone, I have been doing a lot of reading and have some questions I am thinking of buying a motorhome and want to know if a system could be built in the storage area so that I could just pull into a place suck the wvo into the RV, filter it and then run it? Also I live in Florida where it is always hot would I still need to heat the oil? Unless ...
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looking to travel on WVO/biodiesel, possible issues?

Hi all, first I just want to say this is a pretty sweet website, so thanks for that.

I am looking to get a diesel conversion van and travel around the US next summer rock climbing. I was hoping to use wvo, or at least biodiesel. I read a little on here and some people don't suggest doing a trip on wvo without experience, So my questions are thus:

1) If I do a 2 ...
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Is it possible to blend these two? Or if I am running a diesel/WMO out of one tank and switch over to WVO once heated, would there be any problems?
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