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Its like a chat room. This is where your post gets moved if you get too far off topic.

Redneck vehicle AC/install Window AC and Genset -vs- Typical

first... WHAT's UP. Sun how are you? How's the Veg world? Folk in here are smart and at times will explore outside the box thus I'm bringing my questions to you guys my old friends. (and maybe some new ones)

. Vehicle needs TWO AC's. One in Truck Cab and one in Camper mounted on back.
. Truck gets about 7mpg (BIG TRUCK X military slowly getting turned into Expedition Camper - 1995 LMTV)
. ...
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CA Fuel Tax Change?

A San Diego newspaper reported that the CA State Legislatures stated the state is loosing fuel tax money. Cars are more fuel efficient, electric cars use very little fuel. A new program states that fuel tax might be based on miles driven. A call for 5000 "volunteers" to track their milage will be used to gain data. Several civic groups and government agencies will be involved in assessing the data. I can see some real ...
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PLASTIC TRASHNew source (Not Veg oil) for making diesel fuel

coachgeo wrote:missed this and its been around for a few years now part 1- go to userpage for rest of the parts Some conceptual info a company that sells large factory to produce diesel etc.
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killing Poison Ivy with Triesterfication

Any Botnist in here? Crazy idea... how about the process of making Bio D (triesterfication) using an alcohol and an acid.... to turn oil on leaf of plant (poison Ivy and Oak) into a soap? My 2 acres is covered in P. Ivy and it is reallly affecting my ability to use the land.

Think it will kill the plant? Or make it not an alergian while leaf is soapy?
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OT- help needed- Sign of the times :(

Apologize in advance for abusing my powers here and posting wayyyyyy off topic.

If your a hard working Veg. Fuelling fella living on the check to check thing... god bless ya brother.

If your someone who has gotten a gift for biz or just luck or both and would like to make some quick bit of money please PM me in reference to an emergency situation. Got nearly a hundred kids (literally) counting on me ...
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Toyota not among automakers enjoying United States sales inc

Ford led the way in 2010 U.S. auto sales growth and bumped Toyota from the No. 2 spot behind General Motors. Each and every automaker selling cars in the United States loved a 2010 boost. Toyota, however, experienced a drop in U.S sales. Safety recalls involving Toyota autos affected its 2010 sales totals when new models released by Ford and Toyota were well received by United States car buyers. If the recalls continue with Toyota ...
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Dakar on Biofuel (bio-d? WVO??)

not sure which. Shows kids collecting WVO for one of the Dakar vehicles. Not sure if they run it straight or convert to Bio-d. ... for-Dakar/
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Glad to be a part of the forums!


I live in Lafayette, IN. I just started a conversion and plan to do quite a bit of searching.

I am converting a 97 PSD F-350, so if anyone knows some good links for my 97 PSD, thanks in advance.


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Mermaids love sharks

A short video (edited by me) of the mermaid Linden and her suit (made by us) in the tropics sharing the water with some large sharks.


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Energy For The World

The renewable energy is the new form of energy for the world. With the rising fossil fuel energy prices and supply less than the need, people are seeking an energy that can be used consistently. The renewable energy is unlimited in supply and therefore, lesser priced.

Although the initial cost of installing a renewable energy plant is higher than regular energy plants, one can save more in the long run. As per reports the investment ...
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