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For discussing the modifications needed for diesel vehicles to run with 2 tank veggie oil conversions.

Converting an 05 Sprinter

Hello I am a new member here and have recently purchased an 05 T1N Sprinter. This is the first Sprinter I have owned and know nothing about it I want to convert it with a Frybrid kit I bought yrs. ago. I realize he went out of buisness yrs. ago. Is there anyone out there that can advise me how to do this or even help if we are close enough? In the meantime I ...
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Hilux computer problems

I have converted a 2003 Toyota Hilux 3l turbo diesel and done 3000km but having problems with the EMS computer bringing the engine fault on the dash and going into limp mode. The injector pump has four electric connections/sensors that are not happy with WVO but will run happily on diesel. The computer is an older type that does not keep a log of past faults and resets every time you switch the key off? ...
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Cleaning an old system

Hey all,

A few months ago I purchased a car with a two tank WVO system in it. I've been learning the ropes of the system and of WVO usage in general. I've come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea for me to try and deep clean the tank and possible the lines as well. I'm wondering how you guys clean your tanks? What sort of cleaner should I use? Any ...
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What to do with WVO in tank while on vacation

Hello WVO Community!

I was just wondering if it is ok to leave WVO in my tank while i am on vacation. I will be gone 1 month and my WVO will be sitting undisturbed. Should i drain the tank and fill with diesel to flush the system? Or is it ok to just leave it as is and enjoy my vacation. your opinions are much appreciated.

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Wanting to get back into SVO

Hello all. About 10-12 years ago I turned my 5.9L cummins diesel into a 2 tank system and ran on WVO for about 6 years. I still have the vehicle, but stopped using the SVO system about 6 years ago, took the tank out of the bed and unfortunately wasn't smart enough to clear the system with diesel before doing this. I'd like to return to SVO to burn the 400+ gallons of WVO that ...
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Nice video about diesel fuel systems

I have found interesting video about diesel fuel systems. It can be helpful to someone thinking about converting since it nicely describes components of stock diesel system.
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Fuel pump question for 97 7.3

Hey! I just converted a 97 f-350 to run on veg! I have a raw power pump pushing the wvo through 2 heated filters at 30 psi then it goes through a pressure regulator that reduces the pressure to about 10 psi then that runs through a fphe then to the stock mechanical pump... It is running great but I'm wondering if pushing 10 psi of wvo to the stock pump (which pulls at 4 ...
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Injection pump failures on veggie?

Hey all! Long time lurker first time poster. My greaseride is a 1991 Delica l300. Been running excellent on VWO for 50 thousand km so far. Always use the cleanest oil, and filter to 1 micron. Suddenly overnight I developed a lack of power. Still idles fine, just won't rev out (on veg or diesel). When i start it up it revs out to about 2k, but then drops to 1k. Not much smoke or ...
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Just in time blending

I have started collecting some quantities of oil, and I am first going to prepare my filtration process, and then move on to convert MB300D. It is slow process since I am doing it in free time which is often scarce. But at least I have some time to think about some things.

Now, previously I have owned both 2 tank and single tank Elsbett system. I was much more satisfied with Elsbett since it ...
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Fuel Tank Vent Moisture Entry Prevention

So I'm familiar with drying VO as much as possible before putting it in the onboard tank as a preventative measure for keeping moisture out of the fuel system. But after some reading of past archival posts on the forums I've discovered that in humid environments ambient moisture as well as particulate contamination can enter fuel tanks through the tank vent.

So I've been researching fuel tank vent breathers + desiccants. I found several tank ...
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