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Single Tank WVO systems and blending SVO WVO to thin it.

Seized Engine: I think I made a mistake

I think a made a mistake by running a single tank WVO conversion in my 2001 Mitsubishi L200 2.5L turbo and blending in cold weather. It’s complicated because I am not sure if the cause of the seized engine was improper use of WVO, or the loss of engine coolant that occurred when a radiator hose cracked while driving on the highway. Or – could it be the combination of both?

My wife was ...
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How to filter etc

Hi Forum

I've been using SVO in my XUD Xantia 1.9TD engine for years, at 100% in summer and lower blends with diesel in winter. Works great.

However, I've just come accross a source, finally, of WVO. I'd like to know the best ways to filter it, get rid of any water if necessary, and what solvent to split it with to dissolve any saturated fats.

Any advice greatly appreciated, bearing in mind I dont ...
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VW SDI engine no conversion, how to blend?


I'm new to the forum and the reason I'm posting is that my local supermarket is selling new sunflower oil for 1 Euro/litre, whereas the price of diesel is 1.4 Euro/litre. I have 2 diesel cars a 1.9TDI Seat Altea (PD) and a Seat Inca van which has an SDI engine- AFAIK, both are direct injection and they're both just stock engines, no conversion.
I'd like to take advantage of running SVO, but without ...
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Winter vs summer tune

Has anyone noticed that their diesel engine runs much smoother and quieter during the summer months? I get easier starting, smoother running and less combustion clatter when the ambient temps are above 25*C (77*F). I would like to experiment with intake temps during this coming winter (southern hemisphere here), so am thinking about pipe-ing warm underbonnet air to the aircleaner inlet. I already run a snorkel for cold air induction (this is an s.u.v. or ...
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300TD buying guide?

I'm looking to buy a 300SD to run unheated blend here in Honolulu. Two options currently are in front of me:
a) an '87 300TD wagon, described as needing a new radiator & window motor, 230K miles, price just reduced $200 to $1400, which seems, well, cheap. I'm not sure what would make the seller so sure about the radiator as needing replacement unless it's got a hole in it. OTOH if it overheats & ...
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WVO on Diesel motorbike

Hi all

I ride a home made diesel motorbike that uses a Direct injection 400 yanmar L100 engine.

It is well known in the diesel bike community, where this engine is popular, that it does not like veg oil. Mainly due to poor spray pattern and cokeing up of the injectors etc.

I have no idea where to start with converting this to run on WVO, straight, not interested in a 2 tank system as ...
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Solar hot water for dewatering?

Can you use a solar hot water panel 4x8 for removing water from WVO? :
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My first question. I have 2 6.2 1983 chevy suburban diesels. I spend 6 months in BAJA Calif. I have access to an American style deli and they have as a waste oil soy, partially hydrogenated soy oil. I have filtered app. 10 gals. through t-shirt material and then into a 5 micron bag filter and then into my truck. Running a 50/50 mix at most. We live on solar here in Baja so it ...
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1.6l rabbit wvo blending

I am currently running my rabbit of a blend of 40%veg and 60%jeta. I started the car on a 50/50 mixture but I'm not running heat yet so the car ran great for about a minute then lugged out and died. Added some jet to the racor and to the tank and then the car fired up and ran great. Any pros or cons to what i am doing? I'm going to route my coolant ...
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2nd gen Cummins blending?

I’m wondering about summer blending in a 2nd gen Cummins. I have Sun’s set-up in my truck right now but have come to realize my tank is WAY too big for my needs. I’ll have to sell it and get a smaller one later. Until then, I’d like to do a modest single tank blend. Stock lift pump and IP in the truck, very resilient.
I have a lot of good oil right now, no ...
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