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Space Heating with SVO WVO Vegetable Oil Biofuel.

EPA credits for heating with WVO

Hello. First post.

I have been developing and selling the Yellow Heat brand burner for the past 10 years. Yellow Heat is a modification of a conventional Beckett oil burner that converts it to a Babington style burner. Please see more at

I am thrilled to announce that the US EPA has added Yellow Heat burners as a new pathway for biofuel development under the RFS law. This means that every gallon of yellow ...
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Veggie oil powered water- house heater.

Domestic gas water heater with the burner removed and replaced by a substantially more powerful Used Veg oil Burner for home heating.
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How to Work Out How Many Solar Panels You Need

Everybody. Here is some Information On "How to Work Out How Many Solar Panels You Need". If you are fascinated in the idea of using free, environmental friendly energy to power your household, and you want to have a solar panel array installed, one of the most basic supplies you need to keep track of is the number of solar panels that you need.

There are many factors that would determine just a lot ...
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Babington waste oil burner


New here and glad to have found this forum on one of my passionate interest: Waste oil to useful energy.

A few years ago, I built an experimental Babington type waste oil furnace using 100% recycled components. I've put a few videos up on YouTube that show the design in operation as well as close-ups on how the Babington nozzle works. I've had people from literally around the world email me with photos of ...
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Used Cooking Oil

We are OIL ZONE LIMITED, a company dealing in supplies of Edible oil and Non-edible Oils. We are GMP certified and registered by Assurance certificate HACCP by Ministry of Health, United Kingdom . And have also been audited for ISO 9001- 2000. And throughout our long history our policies of fair dealing, quality products and prompt service have maintained and enhanced our fine reputation both nationally and internationally.

Today these are still our main corporate ...
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J.Galts Carton logs (oil soaked stuff packed into a carton)

Jon, You've mentioned this in responce to threads several times. Maybe I missed it via search...... but have not come across an actual thread on this topic. Can you do so please. Have questions about your process.

How tight do you stuff them? Hydraulic press tight like those who make paper logs or pucks orr?

How do you store them with out the oil leaching out and causing a mess?

Have you tried different material ...
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New Veg Oil cook stove~

Hi everyone, I was invited here by a moderator to explain and introduce this new stove here at

It is really fairly simple, four cotton wicks and an overhead fuel supply.
I got tired on needing either propane, wood or electric to cook with, it is very safe to operate, and would self extinquish if left on or knocked over.

An invention marketing company showed this to over ...
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Oil drip setup for wood furnace-- material questions

I have a forced ari wood furnace. I woul like to convert it to a wvo drip setup after the fire is hot. My question is what type of line, nozzle etc do you guys use. I was not ure if copper would hold up or just use brake line until it rots out... what about the nozzle? Thanks Ryan
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Refined Sunflower Oil,Corn Oil, Palm Oil and many more

Dear Sir,

we like to introduce our company to you as one of the best supplier of

Edible Oil here in

We like to let you know that we sell Edible Oil and Biodiesel Oil all at

affordable price and our company is situated in China and we deliver to

buyers at a good schedule delivery.

we have Rapeseed Oil, SoyBean Oil, Jatropha Oil, Corn Oil,Grape seed

Oil,Sessame Oil,Soya bean Oil,Castor Oil,Vegetable oil,Palm Oil,crude ...
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Ultimate Pipe burner

apparently it is a pipe burner with a little babington action thrown in the mix.

Details and more info at

Don't know much about it. Just came up on my Youtube page.
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