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International WVO travel

Hello there, I am soon to embark on a cross country trip from LA to Chicago and then to Calgary, Albert over to Vancouver and Victoria BC and down the west coast back to LA. I'll be in my 83 Benz wagon, and I want to burn veggie the whole way. I can put enough in cubies in my car to get to chicago, where I will buy oil from a guy I found on ...
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Colorado WVO laws?

Just curious if anyone in Colorado has done any research and/or is actively filing the necessary tax forms, etc. for running on WVO/SVO? Or, is everybody just flying under the radar here in beautiful CO?
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WVO tax deductions?

Ah yes tax season... does anyone know if the cost of my truck and or the components used be claimed as a tax deduction? I was thinking possibly as a hybrid vehicle or a "green" deduction. Also my centrifuge system, could that be considered as well? i was thinking as it is an integral part of successfully running the truck on WVO.
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Where The Military Goes, The Private Sector Follows

The following post has two really good links.
The words are not mine.
I feel appropriate disseminating them in good faith.
The links and boldface are as originally posted.
Italic formatting, my own -peace, pdk.
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Has VO popularity faded with #2 prices dropping fast?

Since diesel is at a five year low these days the economics of converting a vehicle is not what it was in the recent past. I feel the VO craze has reached a plateau and few newbies will feel compelled to convert while diesel is relatively cheap. How this relates to the availability of WVO is unclear as some may have stopped collecting because it isn't worth their time any more. Knowing that the members ...
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Legal woes

Just found this,

Go green – and violate the law
The Baltimore Sun

Mark Nagurney is trying to drive free and save the Earth at the same time by fueling his car with used vegetable oil. Unfortunately, state and federal regulations are aligned against him.

With fuel prices soaring, Mark Nagurney thought he had figured out a clever way to drive free — and save the Earth at the same time. The ...
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cal. DMV

I spoke to a friend, on the topic of using UCO in my old truck.

His opinion is that unless your vehicle has smog devices (Cat converter, etc.) they would not be concerned or interested.

He had no ideas on paying road taxes other than agreeing that I should put away $0.25 per gal. to keep track and save up for the eventual spending.

Uncle Sam will want his due.

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VO/Biodiesel exempt from VA state tax

I had been faithfully sending in my highway fuels tax payments all year. Then I got an email from a DMV official asking me to call. What she wanted to know was if I was using biodiesel (which I am not) I told her I used VO. She said they considered VO and Biodiesel the same thing. She then went on to tell me the state code has no method for collecting taxes on these ...
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